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Frode Alexander Hegland’s Moving Images. For his Still Images visit

Pictures are now routinely viewed on computer screens, not just on paper. This is of course also where video is viewed. Since pictures and video are now viewed on the same media, what was (previously thought of as ‘still’) pictures are no longer tied to static paper or tied to being still.

What pictures are — has changed. 

Does a picture have to stay still all the time? Does video have to move? Where does sound fit? These are some of the questions I am trying to get to grips with through this work.

Life is fleeting, the more we rush, the more fleeting it becomes. We all need to practice just pausing for a moment, to just watch… And that is what this work is about.

Please view full screen. There is no sound.

More work is on my playlist on YouTube.

frode hegland
london 2020